Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My experience

I am 48 year old lives in Mumbai, my wife joined BK as student three years back. Initially I objected to the lifestyle she started following in short time, including cutting of husband-wife relationship. Gradually she started refusing outings with friends, lost interest in going to the office etc.

She also become very close too the of BK Sister Ansula at Parla center, though we live in Powai. Ansula and her Sister Anu, head of Ghatkopar, started giving VIP treatment to her and started manipulating her psychologically. She became a puppet of them in no time. They started giving her projects in Powai area to promote and teach about BK.

During this period, she started hating me since I would object her activities like getting up at 3.30 am then 2-3 hours meditation and reading, half an hour call from Ansula at 6 AM. Then in the office (she goes to off with me) she will get 5-6 calls from BK sisters-students ...

Evening, she will spend 3-4 hours on reading BK stuff or watching videos of BKs.

During end of December, I complained this to BK Ansula that her so much involvement in our life is affecting my family life through a SMS message, upon which she called up my wife.

After her call to my wife, she fainted and we had to admit her to the nearby hospital where she went through psychological treatment costing us 1.5 lacs ruppees. Not a single person came from the BKs during her 11 day stay at the hospital. During her stay, she was in a hysterical state of mind as I complained to her BK Sister. Even now, after 8 weeks, she is in similar state of mind, she threatens me that if restrict her from the BK she will commit suicide. She still undergoing psychiatric treatment however there is hardly much improvement in her life. I took her to a very senior psychologist in Mumbai and, after talking with her, the counsellor says she can try treating her but her case is extreme and she is so determined to follow the BK's path that counselling may not be successful.

I am personally with two sons and we are going through this phase of life where we do not really know what to do, most of my and her family members lives in Kolkata. She does not even want to go and stay with her mother for few days, she thinks that she will be ridiculed by people around her family.